This Virginia personal branding photography session with Rickina was so much fun!

This kick-awesome boss babe is the founder of The Lash CEO.

Rickina says her mission is to serve clients, and create lasting relationships with them, their friends, family and co-workers!

From the moment I pulled up and saw her hot pink BMW – I knew that we would get along famously.

After saying our hellos and seeing the space, I was stoked to start taking photos.

But believe it or not – these photos were done for her current business.

Nope – this was for an entirely new adventure that Rickina is getting ready to set off on!


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Virginia Personal Branding Photography

Rickina has enjoyed so much success with the makeup studio, but when she first contacted me on Instagram, it was for a different reason.

She confided that her heart had a dream that was entirely different: acting!

But – if we’re being honest – she was nervous (as are most of our clients).

Rickina told me “there are so many voices in my head telling me… ‘really… are you for real right now??!!’ But then again, there is another nagging voice that is saying, ‘come on! You might be good at this. What if…?!’

And thus our adventure began!

This is Rickina’s chance to really put herself out there and give acting a go.

I’m sure she will be a smashing success, and can’t wait to see Rickina get her big break!


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