Weekly Instagram ChallengeSome people do project 365, but I find it easier to do a weekly Instagram challenge (because lets face it, I always have my phone with me!), thus Instagram Thursday was born!
As a photography instructor, I often hear people say, “I work all the time and don’t have time to go take fancy pictures”, but your photos are what you make them! For me, whether it’s pictures of my two kiddos, a flower blooming on the side of the road, or just a random object that caught my fancy; there is a never ending supply of things to photograph in your day to day life. You just have to decide how to present it in a way that makes it more interesting for your viewers!
Here’s all the latest and greatest from what has been tickling my fancy the past week!

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Monday, June 17

Sprained my wrist and aggravated the tendons… ouchies!

Instagram Thursday

Tuesday, June 18

The perfect photographers dessert: a camera cookie!Instagram Thursday

Wednesday, June 19

My home away from home (especially when classes are in session!), MOCAVirginia MOCA

Thursday, June 20

Kale and Lemonade smoothie from Tropical Smoothie… surprisingly, it was pretty good!Surprisingly good

Friday, June 21

This license plate cracked me up ^_^U Crabby License plate

Saturday, June 22

I’m not a professional invitation maker, but I AM loving how cute these butterfly baby shower invitations for my sister came out 😀Butterfly Kisses

Sunday, June 23

The kids got invited to a birthday party this afternoon, and the theme was a blast from the past!Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles