funnies for photographersI’ve done a few posts now sharing humor for photographers and they’ve always been a big hit! Photography is like any other job: there are parts of it that are awesome (hello getting to do something you ACTUALLY enjoy!), and there are parts of it that… aren’t quite as awesome (freezing your fingers off during a winter photo shoot). But regardless of whether you’re a hobbyist, pro, or just someone who enjoys a good joke, there is sure to be something in the blog post that will tickle your funny bone! funnies for photographers

This means I’ll have to re-think how I do things ^_^photopoly

I mentioned before that I have written a few other blog posts sharing funnies for photographers, and I’d LOVE to have you check them out! You can see the past ones by clicking on the links {HERE} and {HERE} 🙂laugh it up

Pretty much sums it up!I prefer camera gearIt really IS a girls best friend!
what I really do funnies for photographers

I remember the first time I saw this meme with Willy Wonka I busted out laughing… so true!funnies for photographersphotography humorlaugh it up

Yeah… said no photographer ever!

crop you out funnies for photographers

I’d love to be able to take credit for all the humor you see on the blog today, but these meme’s were created by people much funnier than I am. Feel free to check out my Pinterest board to see all these pictures (and many more, as well as finding the respective creators information.