The blog post you are reading right now almost came out a little differently than I first envisioned it would. I am currently sitting in the airport so I can start flying to Hawaii (YAY!!!), but let me assure you that my mood last night was far from happy! I got a text from Delta airlines at 7pm stating that my flight to Honolulu had been cancelled…

Let me just say, I went into a (mild) panic.

The whole reason I’m going (besides that I’ve always wanted to visit the islands!) is to get my photography on with all the Orchestrated peeps. There will be several gorgeous styled sessions (Wedding, Engagement and Bridal shoots) taking place over the coming weekend at various locations on Honolulu; and I don’t wanna miss it! You you can imagine my dismay when I learned the flight out had been cancelled.

But I was determined to still be flying to Hawaii no matter what!!!

After getting my kiddos in bed last night, I got on the phone with Delta and proceeded to wait… and wait, and wait. After about a hour and a half, I finally got a hold of an agent and she was helping me, only to get disconnected.
You don’t know pain until you’ve had to spend hours on hold, only to be hung up on!
I didn’t have any choice but to call them back and see about getting the flights changed. So fast forward almost another two hours and I’m still… on… hold……….
Luckily my boyfriend recommended that I get online and check our flight status (for the third time that night). I didn’t think it would have changed, but luckily the agent I spoke with must have done all the changes before she hung up on me because when I got online to look, the flights had been rescheduled to an earlier flight, putting us into Honolulu about two hours earlier! Horay!!!

That brings us full circle back to me sitting in the airport waiting to start flying to Hawaii.
I’m super excited to spend some time on the island and will be sure to take a bunch of pictures to share with you all when I get back!!!

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