As you’re reading this, I’m coming home from Hawaii, having rocked it out with the fabulous Orchestrated family taking some gorgeous pictures in and around Honolulu. But being on a cross-country flight isn’t going to stop me from posting my February goals list!
I’m not going to lie. I figured that since right now is my “off season” for photography, that I would get caught up on all of the little day to day things that I’ve been neglecting and be able to blog all the gorgeous weddings I did last year… ha! No such luck! I may not be shooting as much, but I am as busy as ever. Especially since we had a few snow days in Virginia Beach and I had 3 kiddos keeping me on my toes 😉

All in all, I think I did really well with my January Goals. I started my weekly photo project, and am finding that suitably challenging (there never seems to be enough time left over for personal projects!). Plus I was able to order some new business materials and get my bridal packets and wedding welcome packages together. Yay! Now to focus on the new (short) month and make it productive!

February Goals List

reach for itPersonal Goals

  • Enjoy being in Hawaii! I’m going there for photography, but I want to be able to spend some time relaxing and enjoying the tropics!
  • Drink more water! I plan on doing this by using my handy dandy blinged out water bottle!
  • Have more play dates with the kiddos (I’m thinking a trip to the bounce house is in order 🙂 )

Business Goals

  • Rock out all the photo sessions out in Hawaii!!! I know it seems like this is the opposite of my first personal goal, but my motto is work hard, play hard!
  • Shoot the first Beloved session with one of my special couples.
  • (finally) order my new business cards (it’s really gonna happen this time!!!)