I like to think that I’m pretty good about doing a daily blog post.
Last year around October or November-ish, I sat down and had a little business retreat with myself. I went over what I was doing at that point, what I wanted to do in the coming year, and areas I wanted to improve in. One of the things I wanted to do was write a daily blog post, and so far, I’ve been pretty good about making it happen!

However, there will always be those days…
You know, the days where you’ve got too much to do, so blogging gets pushed aside. Or you don’t have any content to blog, so you just don’t. Or maybe you just plain old don’t want to blog… thus we arrive at my current state. Today I don’t want to write a blog. I’ve got a bunch of sessions that are just waiting for the families to view them so I can write about their stories, and I’ve got a few personal photo projects that need to be edited so I can blog them, and (one of these days!) I’ll get around to blogging my sister Lydia’s graduation… from last December…

But for today, I don’t really want to write a blog.

Daily Blog Post

Daily Blog Post

Writing a Daily Blog Post

Unfortunately, as adults (and even more so as a small business owner), we often have to do things that we don’t want to do. And it’s in my best interest to be consistent with my blogging (it improves SEO, puts me higher in Google rankings, etc), so here we are.
I’m not writing today’s post in order to say “boo hoo on me”, but rather to show you that regardless of where you are in your business, there will always be struggles. You will have days you don’t feel like working, or not want to talk to any more new vendors, or not want to have another person tell you that you charge too much… but you’ll get past that.

Beach Wedding Centerpiece

It’s okay to have off days, or those days where you’re not feeling quite as motivated. But the difference is that you take your day off, rest up, and then come back rockin and rollin the next day, ready to bring it that much more!
So for me, today will be a lighter day. I’m going to take care of some work details and see about getting some blog posts written for future days, and take care of some details for the Stylized Wedding at MOCA. Whatever you find yourself doing today, remember that you may not be able to choose exactly what you’re doing, but you can definitely choose the attitude you have while doing it 🙂

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