You would thing that taking these Chrysler Museum bridal photos in the middle of November would mean a crisp, cool day.


You would be wrong in that assumption!

While the weather was absolutely stunning, it was also extremely warm for that time of year.

And while Stephanie had a gorgeous shawl to go with her wedding gown, we held off wearing that since it was so hot that day.

Despite the weather, Stephanie was truly the most magical bride!

See more from her gorgeous session in today’s post.


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Chrysler Museum Bridal Photos for Stephanie

We ran all around the Chrysler Museum taking photos.

At the Grand Staircase, those colorful tapestries made a stunning backdrop!

Stephanie danced down hallways of the painted galleries.

And (almost) splashed in the fountain outside in the gardens.

All the while, we were laughing and joking and making this an experience not soon to be forgotten.

I think it’s safe to say that these Chrysler Museum bridal photos were a blast!


Stephanie, thank you so much for allowing me to create all this gorgeousness with you!


VENUE : Chrysler Museum of Art | Wedding Gown : Studio I Do Bridals | Beauty : Darling & Dapper | Florist : Fairfield Flowers |


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