Expanding my photographic creativity means that I’m constantly looking for new locations and ideas to incorporate into my photo shoots, that’s why I occasionally like to head out and do a Chesapeake Arboretum session. It’s not the biggest location (and can sometimes be overrun with photographers!), but I love all the variety this place offers for my clients! When I have someone contact me and say that they are interested in a country location (something with a barn) like Christine did, the Chesapeake Arboretum is always the first place that comes to mind.


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Chesapeake Arboretum Session

There was so much room for the boys to run around and play! You can definitely tell that these two are brothers because when I asked them to hug each other, it usually consisted of one of them leaning over and grabbing the other one by the neck and squeezing. Hardly the most loving, but it got the point across, and you could see how much fun the boys were having by the high pitched squeals and lots of laughter! It definitely had to ease mom and dad’s mind a little bit because it was easier for them to focus on each other and really spend a few minutes loving each other.


cracking up together  cute couples photo
red country barn country couple country couples photos shoot


The red barn at Chesapeake Arboretum is so much fun to take pictures by! It’s one of the few places in the area that has a structure like this that is open to the public… there’s no wonder that it’s such a popular place for people to take photos!

Love What You See? Want to Have Your Own Session?!

If you’ve finished looking at this sweet family who did a Chesapeake Arboretum session and are thinking to yourself – I wanna do that too! Awesome!!! We would LOVE to create a custom photo session for you and the ones you love! Feel free to message me by hitting the { CONTACT ME } button or by giving me a call at 757-749-5350. I can’t wait to create some magic for you!