romantic forrest photo shootThere’s nothing worse than being all psyched up for a romantic forrest photo shoot, and arriving on location to discover that your batteries are dead… I mean, completely dead, not even being able to take a single picture. D. E. A. D.
And what made it even worse is that the lighting was absolutely perfect when we got on location… don’tcha hate it when stuff like that happens? >.<
Luckily for me, Dwaine and Khrystian were so incredibly understanding, especially when I told them that I had to run home to get another camera so we could do their photos… whew! romantic forrest photo shoot fall military photo shoot fall country photo shootromantic forrest photo shootfall photo shootI love getting the chance to work with so many military couples because they really value each other and the time they have together, especially right before deployment! Nothing will make you appreciate your significant other more than being told that he is taking off on the boat for 9 months and you’ve only got a short amount of time before he leaves! If that doesn’t make you want to place value on every moment, I don’t know what will. perfect fall lighting fall couples photo shoot military couples photo shootThere is always that little something that is unique to a couple, whether it’s “holding hands” by locking pinkies, or playing the “I love you more” game, there is usually something that the couple does. For Khrystian and Dwaine, it was licking. When we did the viewing session, Khrystian told me that she loved one of the pictures specifically because it was Dwaine trying to lick her… it really ended up cracking us all up! Since Dwaine has such a fun loving personality, it’s no surprise that he takes any occasion he can to act goofy with the love of his life! country photo shoot romantic forrest photo shoot couples engagement shoot love in the forrestThank you both for your understanding and patience, knowing that we eventually got it worked out! I had a blast hanging out with you two and getting to document a piece of your love story <3 fall photo shoot romantic forrest photo shoot