Fresh Look Photography
oray, it’s the beginning of June! That means that I’ve made it through an insane amount of weddings in the past six weeks (8 to be exact!), the neighborhood pool is now open (time to get my tan on!), and school is almost out for the summer!
My monthly goals for May (check them out {HERE} )included things like spend less time on the internet, nail down a vacation date (September here we come!), and implementing a 1 week turn around time for weddings. All of which I knocked out of the park!
However, things like putting away the winter clothes and clearing out my email inbox are a bit more of a daunting task! Seriously, I think I’m just gonna have to learn to live with the clutter.

Now that summer is here and the kids are getting out of school, I won’t be quite as ambitious with my business goals (because now I’ve got two kiddos to steal my time and attention!). But I want to continue to keep myself motivated, so here are (at a glance) my monthly goals for June:

monthly goals

Personal Goals:

  • Decide on Vacation Bible School to send the kids to (any recommendations?)
  • Rock out an AMAZING baby shower for my sister Marian and her sweet little princess
  • Institute a summer “schedule” with the kids so we’re doing something daily (like this cute photo idea from Pinterest!)
    what to do during the summer

Business Goals:

  • Set aside a day to get the Lightroom class prepped and ready to go
  • Submit photos to be published to online blogs (it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while, I just need to get on it!)
  • Choose photos to be submitted for two different MOCA exhibits