Fresh Look PhotographyOne of the reasons I started this monthly goals list is so that I would have a place to write down stuff I wanted to accomplish. That way I could be “held accountable” because at the beginning of the month, I would have to list out what I did (and didn’t) do… Let me just tell you, that isn’t going so well. I had a few things that I legitimately wanted/needed to accomplish last month (like submitting photos to blog sites), that just didn’t get done. But I did get to spend a lot of time with my sweet little shrimpies, which is good since they are going to be gone most of July.

With all that being said, my monthly goals list for July will be a bit more rigid because the kids are going to visit their dad in Texas and I won’t have that as an excuse. I really want to make this stuff stick, so I’m going to be writing out my goals/aspirations and putting them on post it notes so that I am constantly reminded of what I need to do. Here’s what I’ve got going on for July:

monthly goals listPersonal: Monthly Goals List

  • Clear the clutter off my dresser (don’t know why, but flat surfaces tend to attract stuff!)
  • Throw an amazing baby shower for my sister Marian
  • Read two books
  • Join a gym for a month, I want to go 5 days out of 7

Business: Monthly Goals List

  • Submit at least one session/wedding for publication!!!***
  • Host bridal shootout and headshot swap (more details on these events later :D)
  • Keep students in my photography classes inspired!
  • Update my wedding packet that goes to brides