3rd birthday photo shootWhen you’re little, your life revolves around all things awesome: running around the house pretending to be a dinosaur/astronaut/princess, playing outside all afternoon, eating watermelon and dripping red juice everywhere (because you don’t care if it gets on your face/clothes), digging in the dirt, bubble baths at the end of the night, and snuggling up in bed surrounded by your favorite stuffed animals (all 27 of them!). When I did a lifestyle 3rd birthday photo shoot for Little D, he was pretty much the embodiment of all the best parts of childhood. joys of childhood

This little dude is serious about his golf game!laugh out loud it's the little things

I really do believe that it’s quite impossible to be unhappy if you are blowing bubbles!3rd birthday photo shoot panning photography

Since Deryck lives in MD, his 3rd birthday photo shoot required a little more logistics, but it was such a blast coming and getting to spend some time with him, his awesome Auntie Kimberly and Grandma! I know that they were worried about the fact that Deryck had been a little cranky before I got there, but once I pulled the camera out, he perked right up and was all smiles for me! 3rd birthday photo shoot beauty in simplicity

I love this photo shoot because I feel that it really captured the fun spirit of being a 3 year old! There was watermelon eating, golf playing, bubble blowing, icing licking, and giggles galore! Having done Deryck’s 2 year old pictures, it was amazing to see how much he’s grown and what a handsome little man he’s become 🙂 3rd birthday photo shoot lick the frosting off Fresh Look Photography

Look at those gorgeous eyes!!!3rd birthday photo shoot