2018 is here (wow, did it feel weird to type the new date!), and we are excited about a fresh new year! The beginning of the year always feels like a special time because you can literally do anything you want! They new year holds so much promise. Our list of 2018 photography goals is fairly involved, we’re got a lot planned! But with a little determination, I know we’ll make it happen!

2017 was a pretty amazing year (you can take a look back at our goals list via this link), and we plan on rocking out our 2018 photography goals the same way.

2018 Photography Goals

New Venues 

  • Vineyard Weddings – we’ve been able to shoot at a few vineyards, but more are always better! And not just because of all the new wine’s you can try 😉
  • Destination Weddings – we’ve already got some planned for this year (hello Colorado!), but would love to add more to the agenda!
  • Hawaii Wedding – can I just make this a want every year?! Eric and I love everything about Hawaii, and would take any excuse to go back there!

17 Weddings for 2018

We had a really awesome year for weddings in 2017. I feel like we are finally finding that work/life balance between shooting kick-awesome weddings, and having enough family time.

In 2018, I would also REALLY love to do more proposals and elopements!

If you know of anyone who is planning on popping the question, or looking to have an intimate ceremony – let us know!

Weekend Session Availability

Up until now, we haven’t really offered weekend photo sessions. The thought was, if we don’t have any weddings scheduled, we want to spend time with our kiddos.

Starting in January 2018, we will begin to offer weekend options for photo sessions. There will be an additional fee for weekend sessions, but we are excited to be able to offer this to clients.

Business Books

I read a few really good business books in 2017, and I’m excited to continue in 2018. First up: Start With Why by Simon Sinek. I like that it’s applicable to any entrepreneur, and is full of practical information. But it all comes back to your “why”.

Do you have any suggestions for a good book we can dive into this year?

Publish Our Work

We got featured in a bunch of different publications last year, take a look at a few of them HERE, HERE, and HERE.

We already have a few submissions in for this year, and are excited to share more of our beautiful clients with the world!

To that end, it’s going to mean going back through all the previous years photos and submitting them… no small task!

So what am I supposed to DO with all this?!

Planning a bunch of awesome 2018 photography goals is a great start, but it’s just that… a start.

Now that I have some goals in mind, I need to create a plan to achieve those goals.

It’s not just enough that we want to go photograph more destination weddings… we need to reach out to wedding professionals in other areas about working together.

We don’t just need to dream about being published… we need to curate some galleries and submit them to publishers.

So what are YOU planning for 2018? Can we help?!

Drop a comment below and let us know what your focus is for the coming year. We’d love to see what you are up to and offer you some encouragement! We offer one on one mentoring, and put together free events for photographers. You can always { Contact Us } for anything you need – even if it’s just a friendly face to say you’re on the right track!


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