after the weddingOf all the places to get married (and I’ve photographed at some beautiful venues), there is something so sweet and romantic about having a wedding in the park. When Lauren and Chase got married this June out at Great Neck Park, we couldn’t have asked for a better day! The sun was shining, there was a soft breeze, and family and friends were seated around the happy couple as they exchanged vows in this gorgeous natural setting. it's all about the details sparkly wedding shoes Fresh Look Photography getting ready for the wedding before the wedding smiling groom


Wedding in the Park

The ceremony was lovely, officiated by a family friend who traveled from out of state to be able to officiate the wedding for Lauren and Chase. I have to say that I particularly loved this minister because not only did he have a great personality, he also played the guitar before and after the ceremony! Then once the ceremony was concluded and these two lovebirds were officially married (yay!), we got to take some pictures in this beautiful setting! first look

Hands down, one of the best things about a wedding is seeing the grooms reaction when he first lays eyes on his beautiful bride = priceless!walking down the isle outdoor wedding ceremony outdoor wedding ceremony wedding in the park Fresh Look Photography Fresh Look Photography Great Neck Park wedding presenting the new couple

Since we did most of the formal pictures before the ceremony (hooray for saving time!), we were able to grab a few quick photos with the bridal party, and then spend a lot of time just taking pictures of Lauren and Chase. bride and blowing veil bridesmaids in the park bridal partyhandsome groom bridal portraits beautiful bride purple and yellow wedding wedding in the park

wedding in the park

Once we got to the reception, Lauren and Chase were ready to throw down and have a good time!
It was so much fun coming to photograph for this wedding in the park and get to share such a special day with them and their families. I know that the future is going to be amazing for them and that as long as they lean on each other, there is nothing these two can’t conquer. bride and groom dancing at the reception first dance dancing with the one you love wedding toast walking through bubbles bubble exit