For most engaged couples, they don’t know what to put the wedding day timeline.

And when it comes to hiring vendors, can you really know exactly how much time is going to be enough?!

At Fresh Look Photography, we’ve done over 200 weddings, and we have a good idea of what is going to be necessary.

So with that in mind, here’s an average wedding day timeline.

That way you can see what a typical wedding breakdown looks like, and it will help you plan for your big day!


wedding day timeline

Wedding Day Timeline

2pm – Photographer Arrives, takes pictures of the dress, shoes, jewelry, invitation, etc. Bride finishes hair and makeup. Bridesmaids get dressed and then help the bride into her gown.

3:30pm – Bride and Groom share their first look (one of the best parts of the day!), bridal party photos and immediate family photos (for whoever is present).
30 minutes prior to ceremony start, the bride gets tucked away to stay out of sight from guests arriving early and gets last minute touch ups before the ceremony.

4:55pm – Bridal party lines up for start of Ceremony.

5pm – Ceremony

5:30pm – End of Ceremony and guests head to cocktail hour.

5:40pm – Extended family photos and any extra bridal party photos that haven’t been completed.

6:15pm – Photographers take pictures of the reception space.

6:30pm – Guests invited into the reception space and find their seats.

6:40pm – Grand Entrance of bridal party and Bride and Groom.

6:50pm – First Dance for Bride and Groom.

7pm – Welcome and prayer over the food.

7:10pm – Dinner (photographers eat while the bride and groom are enjoying their meal)

7:45pm – Toasts, usually from best man and maid of honor.

8pm – Father/Daughter, Mother/Son dances

8:10pm – Open Dance Floor – time to get funky with it!

9:15pm – Cake Cutting (is he going to smoosh cake or not?!)

9:20pm – Bouquet and garter toss

9:30pm – Open Dance Floor – party like it’s 1999!

10pm – Photographers Leave


wedding day details


For most brides, this is their first (and hopefully last!) wedding.

It can be intimidating to try and figure out when and where everything is supposed to happen.

When you hire the dynamic duo from Fresh Look Photography, we always try to suggest a wedding day timeline that will make your life easier.

That way it takes one more thing off that never ending wedding to-do list!


wedding day timeline


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