Last month our family went to California to spend time with our immediate and extended family, and (in between all the fun activities!) you know I had to make time to do some photo sessions! I have to say, the sunlight in Sacramento has such a romantic and dreamy quality!!! I know that it’s literally the same sunlight we have here on the East coast, but the very first night we were on the family property and I saw the light coming down and hitting the tall grass… let’s just say that I fell in love and knew instantly where I was going to do a photo session for my cousin Jennifer and her family!

family of six Sunlight in Sacramento family photos with the kids

Sunlight in Sacramento

Jennifer and her husband Dylan have been all over the place thanks to his job as a US Marine, and along with their four kiddos, have lots of adventures! And add into the equation that they are all Disney junkies (I mean that in the best way possible!), you know it’s always a good time at their house! Read on to find out more about their family and all the awesomeness that goes on in their lives!

As a family, we all love to curl up and watch Disney movies together, with our favorite snack: popcorn, we are Disney fanatics! Whenever we get the chance, spending the day at Disneyland is always a possibility on our agenda.
Living in San Diego, we like lighthearted beach days and walks in the harbor. We like spending lazy afternoons in the pool and when the sun sets, all sorts of board games and card games fill our evenings.

kids getting photos taken Sacramento Family photographer Fresh Look Photography silly family pictures

Alex and Kristopher are video game junkies and broom hockey has become a new family favorite outdoor game (the pictures wouldn’t do it justice!).

Cayleen likes to do crafts and can spend hours with friends creating stuff

Matthew, our youngest, is at that cute 4 year old age where we never know what he will say and usually leaves us laughing.

Jennifer and Dylan, thanks so much for sharing your sweet family with me! It was awesome getting to capture each of their personalities and document such a wonderful time in your lives!


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