Since Meghan is a fellow bookworm, this Slover Library engagement shoot absolutely filled our book-lovers souls! And with all the amazing architecture – both in and around the building – it made the perfect backdrop for Meghan and Eric to do their session!

Get to know more about these two sweeties, and how a (seemingly innocent) pool trick tied into the proposal!

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Slover Library Engagement Shoot

How did you two meet?

We met through a (now) mutual friend over five years ago, Eric was a good friend of my best friends boyfriend. When I came over with my friend he was hanging out over their and then pretty much immediately added me on Facebook and started chatting following our introduction to one another.

When did you know he was “The One”?

I pretty much always knew Eric was going to be something special in my life. He always makes such a gigantic effort to make sure that I am happy and that I am reminded he cares. For example, one time I offhandedly mentioned I wanted to read a particular book and he went out that day without my knowledge, got it, drove to my house (at the time in a different city) only to leave it in my mailbox with a note. It may not seem like anything major, but all those little incidents still continue to this day and do a lot to solidify my belief that he’s stuck with me forever.

What was the proposal like?

It was the end of this past July, I had just gotten off work, Eric was supposed to pick me up but texted me that he would not be able to make it because he had some emergency. He said he arranged for my mom to take me to my sister’s and he would meet me there (it is a good halfway point). I get there and my sister and Eric are sitting around their pool. My four nieces and nephews are in said pool holding onto ring shaped pool floats. They ask me if I want to see their new pool trick before we head out, I said yes. One by one in a line they jumped up in the water and flipped the float rings and they said ‘Meghan’ ‘will’ ‘you’ ‘marry’ Eric was behind me, tapped me on the shoulder from one knee and said ‘me?’ It all happened super fast, but it was super sweet and very us – somewhat quirky and maybe just a tiny bit cheesy.
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What are some of your favorite things to do together?

We love to veg out on the couch and watch Netflix (namely horror movies), we enjoy going to as many relevant concerts as we can, I enjoy dragging Eric to museums, and he enjoys pretending he likes them, we also really like to play video games together.

If you had to pick a word for your relationship, what would it be?

If I had to describe us in one word, I would say humorous. We both have this really dry, sarcastic sense of humor (with an emphasis on really terrible puns). In five years we’ve accumulated quite the arsenal of inside jokes and quips, and no matter how bad of a day one of us may have, when we get home the other one can usually turn it around at least somewhat.

What are three dreams or goals for your marriage?

  • Travel: We both want to get out and visit other countries together, we’ve gone on short out of state trips together but we would love to have more opportunities to get out and see more alongside one another.
  • Children: We both want a child someday (or potentially two) – so that’s definitely at least on the radar at this stage.
  • To never go to bed angry: While we compliment one another perfectly, we are still human and we do bicker sometimes. But we want to make sure that whatever minuscule thing we are in a disagreement about on a given day is over with that day.

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VENUE – Slover Library  |  Makeup – Makeup By Kim Porter