Today we’re sharing our Sleeklens presets review and sharing our thoughts on a pretty awesome workflow.

Just so you know

Sleeklens provided me with a copy of these presets to try for free, but I am not being paid to endorse them or their products.

If I think something is awesome, I’m gonna share with y’all (which these presets totally are!). But if they’re not quite so awesome, I’m gonna share that with y’all as well.

Sleeklens Presets Review – Strike a Pose Workflow

This strike a pose bundle comes with 69 portrait presets, and 62 portrait brushes. Sleeklens makes it super easy to edit your whole image with one click (by using a preset), then fine tuning everything by using the brushes. These presets allow you to adjust tones, improve color and contrast, and bring back lost details in your image.

As with any editing in Lightroom, it is all non-destructive editing. This means you can always revert back to the original image if you make a mistake or want to start over.

The Real Deal

I’ve had the pleasure of playing with these presets for a while now, and really dig them.

I think that the editing possibilities with these programs are endless, especially since they have the ability to stack presets/brushes.

There are a lot of awesome presets, but I tend to find myself gravitating to a few specific ones over and over:

The brush options are pretty amazing as well. You can go in and do some serious beauty retouching because they include things like remove green tint from skin, add blush, shine for lips, etc. The brush option allows for much more precise fine tuning of portraits. As the image below shows, these are just a few of the brushes included in the bundle.

Sleeklens Lightroom Presets

Before & After

Sleeklens Preset Review

This image was editing using Preset: SaP | 1-Base-Glow Baby Glow

Love Bug Sleeklens Preset

This image was edited using Preset: SaP | O – All In One – Love Bug

Lightroom Presets Before and After

This Image was edited using Preset: SaP | O – All In One – Velvet Paisley

Costa Rica Wedding Photographer

This Image was edited using Presets: SaP | 1 – Base – Glow Baby Glow

Brushes Used:

Face – Enhance Green Eyes,

Face – Fix Under Eye Circles

Face – Rosy Lips

Face – Whiten Eyes

Portrait – Eyes – Enhance Eyebrows

Portrait – Teeth – Subtle Whiten

Skin – Skin Tone and Smooth

Here is a closeup of the beauty retouching that was done to the brides face using the above brushes:

Lightroom beauty retouching

Editing images in Lightroom

This Image was edited using Presets: SaP | 1 – Base – Beach Glow

Brushes Used:

Face – Dodge

Face – Rosy Lips

Face – Whiten Eyes

Face – Add Blush2

Face – Add Eyeliner

Portrait – Eyes – Enhance Eyebrows

Portrait – Teeth – Subtle Whiten

Keep in mind – when using presets, they are a great starting point. You will most likely have to adjust the settings to create the image you envision. 

You can see the full collection via this link.

Sleeklens offers a plethora of other products – Photoshop Actions, Lightroom Presets, Podcasts, Education, and much more! Take a few moments to browse their website, and be sure to snag their free preset offer!

Final Thoughts

I would definitely recommend Sleeklens and their presets! I really enjoyed using everything that was included in this bundle, and look forward to getting my hands on more of their material.

If you choose to purchase any of their products, you won’t be disappointed!

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