This Slover Library engagement session is super exciting for me to share. Not only because we get to share Lisah and Darrien’s gorgeous photos, but you get to learn a little about them and their love story. It was so wonderful getting to spend time together in Downtown Norfolk, and laugh with these two lovebirds. We are super stoked to photograph for their wedding later this year – I know it’s going to be a blast!

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Slover Library Engagement Session

Darrien and I met at a high school football game. I always say it was fate because it was extremely cold that night and I didn’t even want to go to the game, but my friend dragged me out of the house. Once we got there, the game was sold out and we only got in because two guys in line ahead of us just happened to have two extra tickets because their friends didn’t show up. Once we got in the stadium, there were no seats! My friend just happened to spot an empty spot near Darien. She actually sat next to him and I set in front of him. He kept tapping me during the game, but I refused to turn around because I was NOT in the mood. Finally during half time I turned around and asked him to save my seat and he agreed. At the end of the game he asked for my number and I took his and told him I would call him. I didn’t call him for TWO WEEKS! When I called him, we went out that night and have been together ever since.
2. I knew he was the one right at the beginning of the relationship. I actually told him on our first date he wasn’t getting rid of me… and look where we are now!
3. The proposal was intimate. He woke me up early in the morning and started by telling me what our relationship meant to him (honestly I was a little annoyed because I love sleep) so I was just confused as to what was going on. Then he asked me and I started to cry and of course I said yes!
4. We are pretty low key, we like to have date nights (dinner, movies, go carts etc.)
5. One word for our relationship would be: genuine
6. 3 dreams/goals for our marriage: Love, Laughter, and Longevity
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