Can you say no to a client and still have them hire you? It’s the question every photographer hates having to work around, but it must be addressed: how to say no (politely) to clients, while still getting their business. You’ll be happy to know that yes, it can be done, and I’m going to share the secret with you today!

How to Say No, While Still Getting Clients to Say YES

When I first started out in the photography industry, I was desperate.

I didn’t get into photography because I had this deep, burning passion to take pictures, but rather because I was in a sticky personal situation and needed to make ends meet for myself and my two kiddos. You can read more about our journey by clicking this link.

Being in that situation that made me feel like I could NEVER SAY NO when a client asked my availability.

I felt like, if I don’t say yes to whatever/whenever the clients asked for, they would simply go somewhere else and have another photographer give them what they want.

Let me just tell you…. that was exhausting!

I was literally constantly rearranging my schedule for clients and what they wanted so that they would book me. I thought that was expected of me.

Now mind you, this was TOTALLY my fault.

My clients have always been wonderful, and they did not put any extra pressure on me/my schedule… that was all me.

(for my fellow photogs, is any of this sounding familiar?!)

I realized that I couldn’t keep going at my current pace, so I learned how to say no, while still getting clients to say yes!

how to say no

But How Did You Do It?!

So glad you asked!!!

The turning point for me came when I realized that I could tell a client I wasn’t available, and they would still want to work with me and try to find a date that worked for both of us!

The Key?

Setting up expectations right from the start!

If I simply told clients, “sorry, I’m not available”, that comes off uncaring and cold.

But if I were to instead tell a client, “sorry, I’m not available because I usually try and reserve Sunday’s to spend with my husband and our sweet little shrimpies.” that tells them that I want to help them, but still place a priority on what is really important (my family).

I mean, one of the perks of being my own boss is getting to make my schedule work for me, right?!

So now, when a prospective client inquires about booking with me, I let them know our availability and then we find a date that will work for both of our schedules.
If a client truly wants to work with you, they will adjust their schedule so that they can work with YOU!

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

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