If you are running a photography business, it can be hard to stay on task.

Since there are no office mates, or boss breathing down your neck – deadlines can seem flexible… and sometimes things don’t always get done when they need to be finished.

It has been proven that having a daily routine will definitely boost productivity.

We are about to head into the fall season, and that brings  super busy wedding/portrait season.

If I want to stay on task, and make sure to accomplish everything – it’s going to take some discipline and staying on task.


Photography Business – Creating a Daily Schedule

Here is an example of what a typical daily schedule looks life for us:

6am – Wake up, meditate, post to Instagram, wake up my son for High School

6:30am – Wake up my other two kids for school, get my hubbys coffee ready for work

7:30am – My daughter goes to school, sit down to answer morning emails

8:30am – My son goes to school, make a cup of coffee, finish the day’s blog post and share on social media

Morning Schedule

9:30am – 12:30pm – Primary Work Hours

This time is reserved for those tasks that are super important and need to be completed.
Some things that I typically do during the mornings are editing photos, developing/finessing course content, writing blog posts, personal education, etc.

If I want to keep myself pumped up and inspired, I turn on 80’s Cardio Radio on Pandora.
Seriously, check it out – you can thank me later 😉
Also, checking out other photography inspirations is a surefire way to get motivated.
One of my favorite sites to watch is CreativeLive – they are an amazing resource on anything in the creative industry!

12:30-1pm – Lunch! Usually I try and eat away from my computer, but (if we’re being honest) it doesn’t always happen. However, even if I’m sitting in my office eating lunch, I will still do something mindless like scroll social media, read a book, watch trashy tv, etc.


Favorite Photography Vendors

Afternoon Schedule

1-2:30pm – Secondary Work Hours

This is when I’m going to be calling clients, sending invoices and email follow ups, creating wedding day schedules, etc.

2:30pm – My high schooler son gets home, and our schedule is for us both to sit downstairs at the kitchen island and go over his homework.

I will literally sit there with him while he works, answering questions if he needs help.

And for me, I am doing mindless work, like editing photos. If i get interrupted, it’s not a big deal, because it’s not taking up a lot of brain space.

3pm – My daughter gets home from elementary school, she and my son will trade off, and we will sit at the counter and do her homework together.

4pm – Wrap up and Daily Review.

When I’m looking at my schedule for the current day, I assess what needs to be moved and completed the next day.

Then I will end the day by writing the next day’s to-do list, so I don’t feel like it’s hanging over my head.

I will also decide when the tasks need to be accomplished (primary work hours, secondary, etc).

That way, I know what needs to be accomplished, and have a plan for how/when to get it completed.


Creating a list of tasks has tremendously helped my peace of mind.

Instead of sitting down in the morning and being overwhelmed with “what should I do?!”, it’s already been taken care of.

That way, I can stay focused on one thing at a time instead of keeping it all in my tiny squirrel brain.

Or worse – trying to remember it, and forgetting something important!


An exception to the schedule is Monday and Friday.

Monday I set aside time in the morning to plan web content for the week.

Friday I set aside time in the morning to plan instagram content for the following week.


Please don’t read all this thinking that I am perfect, and completely have my life together.

I definitely don’t!

However, this gives me a guide to follow so that I am productive and consistently moving my business forward.

That brings us to YOU.

What is YOUR daily schedule like? Could you take some of these tips and apply them to your business?!

I sure hope so!


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