This beach sunset photoshoot was so much fun!

I don’t want to give it all away, but just wait until you see what this family did at the end of the session.

Hint – it’s super EPIC!

Get to know this awesome family on today’s blog!


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Beach Sunset Photoshoot

Tell Us About Your Family

Jessica and Shawn met in college at the University of Minnesota.
They were engaged 8 months later and still going strong after 12 years of marriage!
Shawn followed Jessica to her home state of Illinois after finishing college where they had three children (Brendan (9), Preston (6) and Haiden (4)).
When not working, their days are filled with sports practices, scouts, and lots of family date nights!!
Shawn’s younger brother, Tom, also moved to Illinois in February of 2019 to finish up school.  His nephews and niece are enjoying having “Uncle Tommy” around to play with!
Jessica’s mom, Lori, and step-dad, Bo, came along on their family vacation as well!
Lori and Bo only live 20 minutes from their grandkids and enjoy special “Nana” and “Bo-Bo” nights with the kids!
What Does Your Perfect Weekend Look Like?
Our perfect weekend would be spent just doing something together as a family!
We have entered the stage of life where we are all running in a million different directions. It’s become so important to have uninterrupted family time.
The family likes to hang out at our house and eat pizza during a family movie night.
And sometimes we end up having fun and jamming out to a big dance party!
Tell Us a Fun Fact About Everyone
Shawn:  Is a crossfit fanatic and loves all things outdoors.  Fun fact – in college he was a finalist for a nationwide talent search. They were looking for the next soap opera star, and he was flown to NYC and appeared on Good Morning America!
Jessica:   Is not satisfied unless she is doing 10 things at once (especially when it comes to reading 3-4 books at any given time). She loves to pin items to Pinterest, and dream of all the fun and crafty things she never gets around to.  
Brendan: Taking after Daddy, Brendan started playing hockey this past year and now it’s hard to get him off the ice! He is excited to grow up and be a scientist, and one day is looking forward to space camp!
Preston: Preston has never met someone who doesn’t become a fast friend!  He especially loves school and loves to learn.  Preston is a budding soccer star, and can’t wait to get a soccer themed room this fall!
Haiden: Her dream in life is to become a “bunny” doctor and is super excited to start kindergarten in the fall!  When she was two years old, all she wanted for Christmas was “chicken nuggets and french fries.” Turns out this was the most unique thing asked for, according to Santa Claus when we went to visit!
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