orange and blue photo shootThere are so many options out there for when it comes to what you could wear when you’re getting family pictures done. Usually there is an overarching color scheme that most people tend to lean towards, but this year I’ve seen a lot of different options that are all over the color spectrum! One of my favorite family sessions was where the family wore pink, purple, and teal… sounds crazy, but it looked beautiful! (check THIS out if you don’t believe me!)
But with fall here in full swing, we go from the lighter, brighter colors of summer to darker, warmer tones. So when Michelle and Clinton chose to do an orange and blue photo shoot, it made me so happy! Not only does orange and blue look super classy, but it really helped them pop out from the green landscape! best time of the year mother and son growing up so fast outdoor photo shoot

Orange and Blue Photo Shoot

Michelle and Clinton are seriously some of my favorite people! We had the honor of photographing their wedding in August (which was amaze-balls, of course!), and I’m now happy to count them as friends. Laughing and cracking up is pretty much a given whenever we get together. Clint’s latest thing is that he knows we’re getting married next year, so he offered to photograph our wedding, and would even give us a “good discount”! (Clint is awesome, but he’s not a photographer) But it cracks me up listening to him talk about how he would photograph… maybe one day buddy 😉 couple in love Fresh Look Photography couples photo shoot


Michelle and I also get along really well! Whenever we see each other, we always end up talking for at least an hour! Makes my heart happy that we have such amazing clients, who are just as invested in us and our life as we are in theirs!
Michelle and Clinton, thank you for being amazing and letting us take care of you. Can’t wait for all those babies you two are gonna have! (kidding!!!)