family beach vacationComing from such a large clan, family traditions are pretty important to us. We love getting together for brunch on Sundays, grilling out by the pool together (thanks Aaron and Stephanie!), and we all talk on the phone fairly regularly. All that aside, we also make time for traditions like our annualfamily beach vacationSo when Cristina called and we started chatting about her family coming down for their family beach vacation, I was super excited when she and her hubby decided to have me come out and photograph while they were visiting in June! sweet siblings bright and colorful bright teal shirt beach family session

I know we can all relate to having our parents tell us “give your sister a hug” and then begrudgingly doing it… these two were no different 🙂jumping on the beach

Crystina said that she and her family have a timeshare here in Virginia Beach, so they come down to do their family beach vacation every year and decided that this year was the perfect time to get some updated family photos done!
I think that we picked one of the hottest days of the year to do pictures (seriously, temperatures were close to 100 degrees that day!), but you would never know how hot and sticky things were from all the smiles that we shared that evening. family beach vacation family beach vacation

Once we get a few “serious” shots, you gotta get that silly picture of everyone!mother and daughter daddy's boy daddy and me

Gah, could you ask for any more sweetness in one image?!beach photo shoot family of four

It was lovely getting to hang out with these awesome people and their kiddos, especially since the kids had such big personalities! I hope that every time Cristina and her husband look at the canvas pictures of their family beach vacation hanging on their wall that they remember what an amazing time they have here in Virginia Beach and the love they have for each other. mr and mrs couples beach photo shoot love under the pier