New Studio SoireeAs a photography business owner, I have so many goals and aspirations, not only for myself, but for where I want to be in a year, in 5 years, etc: being able to outsource more editing, have dedicated studio/office space, drink my coffee while it’s still hot (it’s the little things that really make life worth living!)… I’m proud to announce that after 5+ years of owning my own business, I am finally at a point where I have a dedicated studio space and client viewing area in my home!!! I also have an awesome office on the second floor, which is where I currently spend most of my working hours 😉 I am throwing a new studio soiree and would love to extend an invitation to come to all the wonderful photographers here in the area!

New Studio Soiree

Here are the details:

What: Photography social at the new Fresh Look studio

Who: Photographers who want to socialize, drink coffee and munch on something yummy ( I’m sure there will be snacks of the pumpkin variety!)

When: Wednesday, October 8th @ 10am

Where: Virginia Beach, off Indian River and Providence Road (address will be given out in confirmation email)

photography socialWanna Come?!

I’m getting the guest list together for the new studio soiree and would LOVE to have you attend! Feel free to drop me a line HERE, or give me a call at 757-749-5350 to let me know that I can look forward to seeing you!