how was your dayEveryone knows that what you think is how you act. So if you’re feeling down and sorry for yourself, the only way to change how you are feeling is to change your perspective and your mindset. A typical response for when someone asks “How was your day?” will result in one of a few different answers:

1. It was pretty good

2. It was ok or it was fine

3. you get the complete unloaded on about everything that went wrong that day.

Don’t get me wrong, we all need to vent and sometimes we just have one of those days. But often times, the open ended “how was your day” can lead to not so positive memories of what actually happened.
how was your dayPeople are usually able to list five things right off the bat that were either mediocre or just downright unpleasant. But how quickly we forget anything wonderful that happened to use during the day: getting to take a short stroll in the warm sun, enjoying our favorite coffee drink, or getting to snuggle for a few extra minutes with the person you love.

So Here Is Your Call to Action!

Instead of simply asking: “How was your day”, swap it.


“What Was Good In Your Day?”

Before you even ask, yes: this is a completely leading question.  Asking this question will force the person answering to think of at least one positive thing that happened during their day and will hopefully shift their thoughts from the not so great stuff.

changing your perspectiveThis is Not Rocket Science

I’m talking about making a small change and seeing immensely different results!
I know that I’m a photographer and this is a photography blog, but I really believe in the power of positive thinking and that is has the power to transform how we think and feel! So get out there and start asking people “What Was Good In Your Day”?!