I’m not saying that I know everything about getting your photos published, but we did have 17 publication features last year…. so I might know a thing or two! We are sharing our top tops for how to submit your photos for publication.

Whether you are a wedding photographer, nature photographer, or somewhere inbetween.

There are platforms for every style of photography.

As a wedding photographer, this post will focus on how to get your wedding images published.

But the same ideas apply for all types of photography you would submit to any editor.


submit your photos to be published


Submit Your Photos for Publication

This is not an all inclusive guide.

It is designed to give you an idea of what most blogs are looking for in a publication submission.

It’s always a good idea to double check with the publication you are submitting to in order to find out their specific submission requirements.

Take a look at the blog you are considering submitting to, follow them on social media, see what type of content they are putting out already.

The goal is to find out if your work will fit, and how to get the editor’s attention.

When preparing your pitch, keep it short and sweet. What are the most interesting, unusual or unique details that will grab an editors attention?


Make sure every publication that you are considering is in line with your brand.

Every blog/magazine has a slightly different aesthetic, try to choose publications that are similar to your style.

It doesn’t make sense for me to submit to Rocky Mountain Bride (who showcase photos that are darker/moodier), when my photos are light/bright in style.

During the submission process, only submit your BEST images from the day. Cull down any that aren’t awesome so that editors have an easier time saying yes to you!


Don’t double dip!

It is generally frowned upon to submit the same wedding/session to more than one blog at a time.

Most blogs have an exclusivity clause, make sure to read up on the specific requirements each one has before submitting.


If you are looking for submission help, you can always check out Matchology or Two Bright Lights. Both are publication platforms that can save time by matching your submissions with a lot of the top wedding blogs.


submitting photos to be published


But What Should I Actually Submit for Publication?

Here’s a general list to get you headed in the right direction for a wedding submission:

  • 5 invitation shots
  • 5 shots of the venue/signage
  • 15 getting ready shots
  • 5 ring shots
  • 10 detail shots of the clothing/accessories
  • 10 first look shots
  • 20 couple portraits
  • 5 wedding party photos
  • 10 ceremony decor and detail shots
  • 15 ceremony shots
  • 35 reception decor and detail shots
  • 5 cake and dessert shots
  • 10 reception shots/party shots
  • 0 family portrait shots (unless they are really neat or important to the story of the day)
  • 0 Food shots (unless they are really cool)
  • 0 shots of guests (unless they are cute old people, dogs or kids)


Take Your Business to the Next Level

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