It’s not secret that when I do something – I like to do it up right… like this Hocus Pocus Halloween photoshoot.

Every year my two besties (Stephanie and Amanda) and I all try and figure out an awesome costume to wear for Halloween.

For me personally, this holiday is a fun excuse to dress up and be over the top.

And let’s face it – any reason to act larger than life is a YES for me!


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Hocus Pocus Halloween Photoshoot

The three of us did some brainstorming, and it was actually Amanda who initially threw out the idea to be the Sanderson Sisters.

Choosing who was going to be which character was relatively easy.

As the “leader” of our merry little band, Winifred Sanderson was an obvious choice for myself.

Since Stephanie bears such a strong resemblance to SJP, Sarah was the perfect fit.

And Amanda had Mary’s lip/stroke look down pat – plus she was the perfect “sister” and initiated the calming circle if things ever got too out of hand!


Once we got our costumes, smoke bombs, and an awesome (spooky) location – the final touch was finding a bad-ass makeup artist to bring the looks to life.

Enter: Joyce – with JSlay Beauty.

This woman totally knocked it out of the park, and our transformation into the three Sanderson sisters was complete.

If you ever need an artist to do makeup (especially when it comes to SFX), Joyce is your gal!


VENDORS: Costumes – Spirit Halloween | Makeup – JSlay Beauty | Smoke Bombs – Enola Gaye |


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