I know what you’re thinking: you show up at the venue on the wedding day, take gorgeous pictures of the bride and groom, party all night, and then call it a night (high-fiving yourself on the way out for doing such an awesome job!).
But if this is your idea of how the wedding day is gonna go, you are a bit mistaken.
True, you will definitely take kick awesome pictures, but are you forgetting about the hidden jobs of wedding photographers?

Say What? (you ask)


hidden jobs of wedding photographers


What are these Hidden Jobs of Wedding Photographers?!

Boutonniere Pinner

5 years ago I had no idea how to pin those flower arrangements on lapel’s, or correctly tie a tie!

However, a few years and many (many!) weddings under my belt, I’m quite the pro at both of these things.

Now you can typically  fund me before the ceremony making sure that everyone’s flower is in place and not going anywhere.


Makeup Artist

I’m not saying that we are gonna have to whip out an eyelash curler, but I like to stay on top of making sure my girls look as gorgeous as they possibly can!

This means making sure that their lipgloss is poppin and there are no runny mascara eyes.

From all those happy tears, of course!

hidden jobs of wedding photographers



On the wedding day, no one seems to have a watch (or have any real concept of what time it is).

I make sure to have my camera screen always available to let me know what time it is and hustle people from one place to the next… which brings me to my next point:



On the wedding day there is a LOT going on, and people just want to be told what to do/where to stand.

What do I do with their hands?!

One of the biggest hidden jobs of photographers is to herd the cats and make sure everyone is where they need to be (especially for family photos after the ceremony!).

wedded bliss


Drink/Food/Water Runner

Are there people surrounding the bride and groom all day long who could do these things for them?!


But I want to make sure that my couples have THE MOST AMAZING experience, and if that means I’m getting them a bottle of water before the ceremony, or running to refresh their cocktail at the reception, I’m good with that.

It really is my pleasure to know that the bride and groom are taken care of and want for nothing!


Love What You See? Want to Make Magic Together?!

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