Some parents thought it would never get here, some parents thought it came too quickly… but whatever side of the fence you’re on, going back to school is finally here (yay!). Things were a little rushed in our house this morning (despite my having pretty much everything prepped last night!), but I knew it was important to snap a few pictures of the kids on their first day back because they really do grow so quickly! Don’t believe me? Check out this post from last year when the little shrimpies were going back to school!

Going Back to School

Wesley – 5th Grade

Our oldest is Wesley, he’s 10, and always keeps us on our toes! As he starts 5th grade, Wesley has quite an intelligent mind, but that can make it difficult when you are trying to get him to do something because he will reason with you why it should be done differently (or not at all!). At this age he’s really into legos, riding his bike, and reading anything he can get his hands on. He really loves playing on his tablet, and will sneak some game time in whenever he can.



going back to school watch the time


Our middle son is Jett, he’s 9 and he is one of the most affectionate kids that you will ever meet! Going into 4th grade, Jett is always good for a hug or to tell you that he loves you. He always works really hard at school, but I always find it easier to get him to read when it’s something gross! Jett loves playing the legos as well, jumping on our giant trampoline, and turning sticks into weapons like bow and arrows, swords, ninja stars… you get the idea. He’s also into electronics, his being the PlayStation system or watching silly cartoons on Netflix.


first day of school 4th grade boy

Mara – 1st Grade

The youngest is Mara, who is 6 and going into 1st grade. She’s my little smarty pants and always wants me to do something with her. Mara is a great reader and loves having stories read to her or reading to anyone who will listen. Her favorite thing is to color (hello adult coloring books!), play with her mini princess dolls, or go on dates with mommy. She isn’t really into electronics like the boys, so I have a feeling that she’ll be my little creative one!


morning photo shoot going back to school

I can’t wait for my sweet little shrimpies to get home and tell me all about their day. But for right meow, I’m going to relish the peace and quiet, drink my coffee, and get prepped for all my upcoming meetings! I hope that you’re first day of school is awesome!!!

silly faces