It’s just about the season of engagements (yay for love!). But for most clients, this is the first time they are getting a professional portrait session done. Relax, no need to stress! Here are some tips for getting ready for your engagement session!


Getting Ready for Your Engagement Session

Location, Location, Location

With so many great options, the possibilities are endless for gorgeous session ideas we could go to here in Hampton Roads! When we talk about where to go, I’ll just have to look at this list, and then we can choose a place based off the type of background you want to have in your photos:

  • Uptown City (historic neighborhood, rooftop views, etc)
  • Urban (colorful murals, city streets, graffiti, etc.)
  • Natural / Organic (woodsy, open fields, lakes, etc.)
  • Beachy (under the pier, sea grass, dunes, etc)
  • Garden (parks, gardens, etc.)
  • Vineyard/Brewery (winery, local brewery, etc)


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Get Gussied Up

An engagement shoot is a great excuse for us girls to get out and do a little pampering! Having professional hair and makeup done will not only make you look even more amazing than you already are, but will give your self-confidence an amazing boost!

And don’t neglect your nails, this is also a great chance to freshen up your nail polish or get a new manicure.


Choosing Your Outfits

Gone are the days of white shirts and blue jeans in photos. Color and patterns look awesome in your pictures (the more color the better!). The clothes you choose to wear can really help tell more about your love story, so make sure to really plan out your outfits.

Each of you will need two outfits – 1 that’s a little more dressy, and one that’s a little more casual.
If you want some outfit ideas, you can check out this link. Here are a few more suggestions for what to wear:

  • Accessories are Awesome – Hats, scarves, a statement necklace, earrings, bracelets, etc. Even hair accessories such as floral crowns add so much to your images.
  • Layer it Up – Dressing in layers will create dimension, depth, and texture. Plus you can add/subtract layers to give images a different look.
  • Ladies – definitely choose a dress as one of your outfits! Long, flowy dresses/skirts photograph beautifully! They give us gals a much more elegant, and feminine look.
    Gentlemen – don’t be afraid to break out a suit and tie! This is a classy/classic look that will be timeless and make sure you look dapper!
  • Avoid wearing clothing with logos, text, or graphics because it takes the focus away from you.
  • Need more visual inspiration? Head on over to my Pinterest board for some inspiration.


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Fun Activity

If you and your honey are like most people, you might feel a little uncomfortable doing your photo shoot – it’s totally normal! I suggest that when you are getting ready for your engagement session, pick a fun activity to do while we’re taking pictures. Don’t be afraid to get creative, here are a few ideas to get your gears turning:

  • Pack a picnic basket and some little treats to feed to each other.
  • Write a love letter to your fiancé and read them to each other during the session.
  • Pop a bottle of champagne – nothing says celebration like a bottle of bubbly!
  • Stroll around a carnival/fair together, play games and go on rides as well.
  • Pick a local coffee shop and grab a cup of coffee and snuggle up.
  • Choose a seasonal activity – pumpkin/apple picking, visit a Christmas tree farm, go on a hayride, etc.
  • Visit a wine shop and share a glass of your favorite blend.

The possibilities are endless, what is something that’s special to you and your fiancé?!



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Timing is Everything

We typically schedule your session to take advantage of the best light during the day, so it’s super important that you and your fiancé get to our session on time. I normally suggest arriving 15 minutes early so we can start on time and get you rockin and rollin, as well as get rid of some of those nerves!



Love What You See? Want to Have Your Own Session?!

If you’ve finished looking at this post on getting ready for your engagement session and are thinking to yourself – I wanna do that too! Awesome!!! We would LOVE to create a custom photo session for you and the ones you love! Feel free to message me by hitting the { CONTACT ME } button or by giving me a call at 757-749-5350. I can’t wait to create some magic for you!