With so many awesome options for where to go and do a photo shoot, how do you choose?! Great Bridge Locks portraits were a great option for the Merrick family for many reasons. This hidden gem is right off of Battlefield, and offers a variety of photo taking opportunities. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at this sweet family’s photos!


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Great Bridge Locks Portraits

Tell us about your family: What are your hobbies? 

Our family is pretty relaxed, and we enjoy spending time together.  Aside from skating, boating has been our biggest joint hobby. It is something we can all have fun doing.  My husband was in the Navy (in submarine service) and thus was gone for many deployments over the years. We have really learned to appreciate time together – especially for the holidays.  We also have lots of holiday traditions that are very special to us.


Describe your perfect Saturday together: 

Any time we can all be together these days is very special to us.  Our daughter, Melanie, lives in Texas and is going to graduate school there. Our son Troy, is going to be a senior at ODU and lives off campus, so we rarely get to see him these days, too.  A perfect day for me would be all of us together, hanging out, cooking a special dinner and just enjoying our togetherness!  Probably looking at all the pictures and videos of when the kiddos were little!

What do you like to do together? Places you like to go? 

Speed skating (on inline skates) was a huge part of our lives for about 10 years.  Both kids (and my husband) competed in all levels of competition, so many of our family “vacations” were for skating trips.  We have also been a sailing/boating family – we have lots of hilarious and special memories of our travels on the water, too!
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Share a funny story about your family: (even if it didn’t seem funny at the time 🙂  

Wow – we have had lots of funny experiences – it’s hard to pick one.  One of my favorites (although I think it’s more sweet than funny).  When the kids started speed skating, Troy was only 6 and Melanie was 9.  They had always been obsessed with “speed” – I had even bought them both speedometers for their bikes, which was one of their favorite gifts.  Anyway, Troy is a gifted, natural athlete and quickly excelled, winning numerous medals every meet.  Melanie, however, was not as “natural” an athlete (we know she has other gifts LOL), but she tried harder than anyone on the team.   At a Thanksgiving meet one year, Troy and Melanie skated a relay together, and he helped her win her first medal ever (even though he had to race with kids 3 years older than he was!).  We have the race on video – it is hilarious to watch now, but it was so sweet how it worked out.  Melanie was so excited to finally get a medal!!!!

I hope these help give you a flavor of our family – we are very thankful for the love we have!!!

Love What You See? Want to Have Your Own Session?!

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