We’ve got the pulse on fun business headshots, and we are here to promote having fun while you are taking photos.

The fabulous ladies from Zesty Ginger definitely showed up ready to slay!

Megan and Dr Alex are the two powerhouse ladies behind the brand Zesty Ginger.

They have perfected the art of living as a healthy female by combining functional medicine and mindset practices – all aimed at helping you balance hormones and live your best life!

See all the gorgeousness from this session, and also get a few tips for making your next branding photoshoot more fun!


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Fun Business Headshots for Zesty Ginger

Here are some tips on how to make business headshots fun:

  • Choose a location that makes you happy. If you’re feeling uncomfortable or out of place, it will show in your photos.
    Pick a spot that makes you feel relaxed and confident, whether it’s your office, a favorite park, or even your own backyard.
  • Bring along a friend or colleague. Having someone you know and trust on set can help you loosen up and have more fun. They can also help you with posing and give you feedback on your photos.
  • Listen to music. Put on some of your favorite tunes to help you relax and get into a good mood. You can even dance around a little bit to get your energy up.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously. Remember that these are just headshots, not a job interview. Have fun with it and let your personality shine through.
  • Take lots of breaks. Don’t try to power through the entire shoot in one go. Take breaks to rest, hydrate, and snack. This will help you stay fresh and avoid getting too tired or stressed.
  • Be patient. It takes time to get the perfect shot, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t love the first few photos. Keep at it and eventually you’ll get the perfect headshot.

Most importantly, remember to have fun! The more relaxed and comfortable you are, the better your headshots will look.


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