Not many people get a fairytale romance, that’s why when you find the one your heart loves, it’s so important to reach out and hold on with both hands!

For Amanda and Dan, it hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows.

Over the course of being together for more than 3 years, they have endured all that Navy life throws their way.
Including deployments, graduate school, moving into a house together, each other’s families and all the day to day life that any couple is faced with.


romantic engagement picnicfairytale romance love in the park soft and romantic


Fairytale Romance Engagement Session

Amanda and Dan are very much into art history.

For their wedding next October, they decided they wanted to have an emphasis on the arts (making their venue ridiculously appropriate!).

When it came time to pick out a theme for the engagement shoot, Amanda knew she wanted it to feel soft and romantic, with an emphasis on them loving each other.

Done, done, and done!

.stylized photo shoot

drink with me pouring a glass of wine engagement ring detail

raise your glass


Dan has known he wanted to propose to Amanda for a while now (the better part of this year I believe).

However, the gorgeous ring that he wanted to get her took a little bit longer to arrive then he initially expected.

So even though he didn’t have the actual ring when it came time for him to get down on one knee (at his Naval reenlistment!), Amanda happily said “Yes!” and waited patiently for her ring to arrive.

She said that slipping this gorgeous piece of jewelry on for the first time made it all worthwhile, and will be a constant reminder of Dan’s love for her.

. Fruit and engagement ring


We had so much fun at this photo shoot setting up all the individual details.

All of the books (especially the Shakespeare one opened to A Midsummer Night’s Dream), the Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon wine from Barboursville Winery, to the romantic flower crown that adorned Amanda’s head… so many elements came together to make this one of my favorite shoots lately!

Fun fact – the bottle of wine is from the place Dan took Amanda for her birthday.

At the vineyard,  they each picked a bottle of wine to open at a celebratory moment of their choosing!


Amanda and Dan, it was awesome getting to help bring your dreams to life in this photo shoot! You are both such wonderful people and I can’t wait to celebrate with you next year. I know that the future will have bumps along the way, but as long as you have each other, your burdens will be halved and your joys will be multiplied.


all in the details laying together reading in the park fairytale romancefairytale romance fairytale romance
engagement ring kiss love in the woods smile and dance with me picnic in the park so in love stylized engagement photo shoot

And I was super excited to see what Kathryn Emons with Lemons Design created using one of my images for Amanda and Dan’s save the date cards: save the date card


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