So here we are, it’s the day before love day and you are currently in stage 4 panic mode because you haven’t taken your kiddos in to get their photos done yet (eek!). Alright alright, don’t let the guilt monster get ya! Here are some easy Valentines Day photos you can take right now! All of these you can do these your own home (or in your backyard) with stuff you already have (or for relatively low cost).

Easy Valentines Day Photos

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K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple

When it comes to holiday themed photos, it’s easy to want to get carried away by all the adorable props and accessories, but sometimes simple is best! Giving a pop of color and keep everything else muted to really show off your adorable little shrimpie. For a “backdrop”, you can use a set of curtains pulled shut, a solid blanket, or have your child lay on the floor and shoot down at them.

valentines day color combinationsColor Your  Life!

This awesome color palette is borrowed from The Vivid Life, and goes to show us that Valentine’s colors don’t just have to be red and pink anymore.

I’m personally drawn to the “Roses are Red” and “Hint of Mint”, these are a great interpretation of what you could do to change things up when you take pictures and break outside the box to come up with something fun and new!

And I’d like to reiterate that, when it comes to taking pictures, everyone doesn’t need to be completely matchy matchy.

As long as everything goes, it doesn’t necessarily have to match.

Make sense?

Use Props (Sparingly)

I’m definitely not opposed to using props during your shoot, in fact, I encourage it! However, I think that too many people go overboard with props and cute stuff that it starts to take away from your sweet little kiddo (you know, the one who you’re trying to photograph!). Here are some ideas for cute props you can incorporate into your easy valentines day photos:

  • Balloons – there isn’t a little kid who doesn’t love these, you’re guaranteed to get a smil
  • Foam heart – depending on the size you could glue it on a stick or just have the child hold it
  • A single flower (red roses work great!)
  • Funky heart shaped sunglasses.
  • A valentines teddy bear a stuffed animal decked out for love day.
  • Sweets – A lollipop, box of chocolates, heart shaped cookie, etc.
  • Grab a set of X’s and O’s wooden letters from your local craft store and paint them (glitter here we come!)
  • A mason jar filled with conversation hearts candy (Sweethearts) – works great with ring shots!

glittery Valentines day picture