Lisa went all out to celebrate this East Beach Norfolk anniversary session with her husband Mark!

We started out under the live oak trees (oh so romantic!), shared a cup of cheer together, and ended with some romantic time on the beach together.

The sign that Lisa made was so sweet, and neatly chronicled their time together:

“January 11, 1986:

18, 396, 000 Minutes

306, 600 Hours

12, 775 Days

1820 Weeks

420 Months

35 Years!

January 11, 2021″


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East Beach Norfolk Anniversary Session

One of the best parts of the photoshoot was when we were on the beach.

Lisa and Mark had written letters to each other, and read them to each other, as the waves gently washed on the shore.

I was further away to give them a romantic moment together, but you could not mistake the looks of love that passed between them.

And the way that these two were snuggling and canoodling together – you would think that they were newlyweds… not celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary!

It is so refreshing to see that true love still reigns and you really can have your happily ever after.


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