Any excuse to travel is a good one, especially when it takes me to  do a New Orleans branding photoshoot for Tiffany and the cutest little mobile bar cart!

We connected through a group online, where she was asking for help with photos for her new business: Beyond the Bar.

Tiffany was a small business owner working in the hospitality industry, and they got hit hard during the pandemic.

Some late night scrolling brought her to the idea of creating her own mobile business, and it has been an adventure!

Ready more about her journey to creating a business she loves in today’s post!


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New Orleans Branding Photoshoot for Beyond the Bar

I have been in the hospitality industry for over 10 years and really love making sure people have a great experience.

Our family owned a dive bar, which I took over right before the pandemic. It was probably only 6 month into running the business when we got shut down, and I remember that being a very hard pill to swallow. Not just because of the pandemic, but because I was worried about our employees.

Through all of this, I still had my full time job in accounting, but there were still 5 people depending on me at the bar without any way to make a living. I remember trying to come up with ideas to still generate sales with the bar being closed but options were very limited. Businesses that had been open for generations were closing their doors for good… It was a very scary time for small businesses.

One night I was scrolling through Instagram and came across the concept of mobile bars over in the UK. As soon as I saw the mobile bar, it hit me that I needed to make it a reality here in New Orleans. The pandemic has forever changed the hospitality industry and I felt we had to grow with the times.
There were a ton of options as far as mobile bars go. You could convert a horse trailer, a VW Van, build a bar, the list goes on and on. After seeing the little Italian Piaggio’s, that was it for me. Getting this mobile bar gave me peace of mind because I knew if we had this as an option, we wouldn’t have to worry about ever being shut down again. Also, bars are a dime a dozen. I wanted something that would set us apart from the rest and I can say Beyond the Bar definitely does that.
 We are social creatures so there would always be that desire to have gatherings. Who doesn’t want a mobile bar at their gathering?!
That is how Beyond the Bar became a reality.
The name is a play on words, “Beyond the Bar” as in beyond our brick and mortar bar. (Lots-A-Luck).
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