Tired of the same old boring headshot that everyone else has?
Today we’ve got the secret sauce for creative headshots for entrepreneurs!

We want your business to be an awesome representation of  YOU.

But how can potential clients see the real you, if you’ve got a snapshot you grabbed from the last family barbecue?

Remember, you are your brand.

So let’s get into the do’s and don’ts of creating a great look!


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Creative Headshots for Entrepreneurs

The number one piece of advice I can give is to make sure your smile is real!

We don’t allow any fake/cheese smiles in our sessions because we want to capture your most real, genuine self.

Come camera ready in your first look, but be ready for touch ups as needed throughout the session.


When it comes to what you wear, dress like you know you’ll see your ex.

You want to make an impression, so make sure your look is polished, classy, and comfortable.

Comfort being key here!

Prints are okay, as long as they are smaller, and don’t include logos.

When thinking about the colors of the clothing you wear, can you incorporate your brand colors?

Will the outfit you wear be appropriate for your location (you wouldn’t wear a business suit on the beach).

Layers are your friend! Pair your outfit with a blazer/vest to get different looks with/without.


For Men:

No mall walking shoes – we’re trying to look polished from head to toe.

You can do better than a polo shirt!

A button up shirt can feel more relaxed by opening a button or two at the throat and cuffing the sleeves. 

How can you infuse your personality in the colors/patterns/textures of your outfit?

Tuck your shirt in to immediately look more polished.


For Women:

Make sure to grab that hair tie off your wrist.

Don’t look like a hooker – we’re taking a business portrait, not going to the club.

Bold statement jewelry can glam up any look. We love using accessories to and add pops of color.

Ensure manicures are fresh, and nail polish isn’t chipped.



This headshot is the first impression a potential client will have of you! Strive to look your best so you can make a great impact!


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What the Fudge Do I do With my Hands?!

Probably the number one question I get asked: what do I do with my hands???

Easiest answer: give them something to do.

For women, tuck back a strand of hair, put a hand on your hip (not too sassy now), hold an instrument of your trade, etc.

For men, put your hands in pockets (keep your thumbs out), adjust your jacket/collar/tie (very GQ look), hold an instrument of your trade, etc.

It can feel super uncomfortable to be standing in front of the camera – I totally get it!

But the good news is, it doesn’t have to be!

My best advice is to just be yourself – whether that’s serious or silly. Let the real you shine!

Definitely tell your photographer any concerns you have, and they can coach you through.


Have a Shot List

I definitely suggest brainstorming before the session to come up with some ideas of what kinds of photos you want to capture.

Think about the different pages of your website and how you can infuse your gorgeous mug onto them!

For example, on our About Us page, we’ve got photos of Eric, Judith and our three little shrimpies.

Are you a service or product based business?

Can you have the photographer capture you doing your craft?

Think about what photos you can use for social media as well!

Photo Props:

  • Maker – Jewelry, tight shot of jewelry being worn
  • Realtor – House keys , holding sale/sold sign
  • Florist – Vase on desk, flower in hair, hands arranging florals
  • Consultant/Services – interacting with faux clients, hands on spreadsheet
  • Fashion/Clothing – rack of clothes, client interaction
  • General – Notebook/Pen, branded stationery, planner, laptop (fingers on keys), scrolling on Instagram/social media, talking on the phone


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Take Your Business to the Next Level!

Now that you’ve seen our tips to make awesome creative headshots for entrepreneurs, we’d love to help in your photographic biz journey! Fresh Look Photography offers private mentoring to help with any aspect of running your business, and we’d love to chat! Feel free to drop a comment below or click the { Contact Me } button and we will get rocking and rolling!