Last week quite a few families got to welcome home the other half of their heart as many homecomings took place and sailors were able to hug their loved ones again. But for those families with a service member still deployed, it can be hard to count your blessings when there is still such a gap in your heart. However, for the Polk family, they are choosing to stay positive and stay focused on all the amazing things happening in the future (and there is a LOT of amazing stuff coming up for these guys!).

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Count Your Blessings

Get to know Anita and her sweet little family – here are some fun facts about them!

Tell us about your family: What are your hobbies?

As a family we love Sports, art, and watching movies.

Byron plays soccer, video games, and does taekwondo. I play and coach volleyball, I love art and like to do crafty things. Marvin loves to build things, fish, and smoke cigars.

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What is one fun fact about each person?

Byron- can solve a rubik’s cube in 5 minutes.  I have a photographic memory. Marvin-use to sing in a R&B group

As a family we share the same birthday month. my birthday is 9/2, Byron’s birthday is 9/20 and Marvin’s birthdays is 9/21.

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Describe your perfect Saturday together:

As a couple drinking wine and smoking cigars while watching a movie. As a family enjoying the outdoors either at a park or in our neighborhood.

What do you like to do together?

We love to watch movies and eat food. Places we like to go? We have yet to travel but we are looking forward to taking a cruise and seeing the 7 wonders of the world!
Anita, thank you for sharing your family with me, I had a great time running around nature with you guys, and hope that these pictures perk you up a little bit and help the time go a little faster till your hubby is back in your arms again!
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