I can’t hold back my excitement for this classy holiday photoshoot!

We got together at Town Center Virginia Beach to do some Christmas photos for two of the most amazing people: Shina and Wes.

And of course, their sweet little nugget Jaxson!

This classy holiday photoshoot was definitely a good excuse to get everyone dressed up and take some gorgeous Christmas photos.

However, there was another, top secret reason to do new pictures:

The Madison Family Is Expecting Baby #2!!!

How freaking exciting?!

I truly couldn’t be happier to document such a special milestone for these guys!

Get to know more about the Madison family, and check out what Shina first thought about her handsome hubby Wes!


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Classy Holiday Photoshoot

Shina confesses: When I first met this man I was seriously not interested on any level.

We were 19 years old, fresh in college, and fresh in a new stage of our faith!

It was on a Friday night at the Old Dominion University campus that we first met.

Everyone was getting ready to attend our campus ministry service and I saw this guy jumping over everything… I mean everything! The trash cans, the chairs, and people… all I could think was “whyyy???” Lol

I rolled my eyes and tried to ignore him, but we went to the same church so our paths kept crossing.

It wasn’t until a party at his house where he was the DJ that I saw that light.

And honeyyy….that white tee with the hat backwards….

Whew chile!

My nose flared and heart jumped a little – the struggle was getting real.

At that point I knew I had to ask him on a date – Mexican and walking around Norfolk Waterside. (Double date of course!)

Wes and I had a blast together, and it hasn’t stopped since!

When we started officially dating, Wes sat me down and told me his intentions were absolutely pure.

He explained that he wasn’t going to compromise on his convictions, and that the next woman he kissed would be his wife at the altar.

After dropping that bomb, Wes waited for my reaction and asked if I was ok with that.

Needless to say, we dated eight months, and were engaged for five months before getting married.

Let me just tell y’all – I was ready for that kiss!


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