If you’ve got that fancy DSLR camera and are still using it in Auto, you are missing out my friend! But for most of us, it can be intimidating to figure out our camera and what all the bells and whistles do… it begs the question: what are the best ways to learn photography?! Here are a few things that should get you on the right path towards having a better understanding!

best ways to learn photography

Best Ways to Learn Photography

#1 – Take a Photography Class

Between MOCA, TCC, the Hermitage, Botanical Gardens and more, there are plenty of awesome photography classes here in Hampton Roads! I am one of the photography instructors at Virginia MOCA and teach a few different classes: Photo 1 and 2, Lightroom, and a few other creative camera classes (these change by the semester).

#2 – Assisting a Photographer

Whether you just occasionally assist another photographer or are interning to learn the ropes, this is probably the most valuable way to learn photography (in my opinion). Working with someone who is in the business already can open your eyes to how a profitable photography business is run, how to work with clients, tips for lighting, as well as giving you a behind the scenes look at the back end of the job (paperwork, taxes, etc).

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#3 – Attend a Workshop

Workshops are a great way to refine the skills that you already have and learn new techniques, all while focusing on the type of photography that you love. Workshops vary, some lasting a few hours right in your hometown, while some last a few days and are held in exotic locations.
Whatever workshop you’re thinking of attending, check out past reviews from students and see what kind of credentials the instructor has. Class size is also important because the smaller the class size, the more individualized attention you will receive.

#4 – YouTube Videos and Google Search

It sounds silly to say this, but if there’s something I need to know photography related, I got to one of these two powerhouses of information! YouTube is great for visual learners, and video’s often give you step by step instructions for how to do something. And Google knows everything, so if you are ever at a loss, a quick Google search can often give you the answer you’re looking for.

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#5 – Online Courses

Online photography courses are a great idea because they give you the flexibility to learn at your own pace while staying at home (or the office, or wherever you’re working from). However, make sure that you’ve got the discipline to actually sit down and do the work; otherwise you risk spending all that money on the class and having it go to waste. The best classes are the ones taught by an instructor, with weekly due dates to keep you accountable!

#6 – Mentoring

Working with a mentor is invaluable because these are the people who have already realized the dreams you are trying to achieve. Whether that be a photography friend who is more proficient in using their camera, or paying to have a one on one lesson with a professional photographer who can help you improve in the areas that you need assistance; there is always someone else higher up on the food chain to ask for assistance. Fresh Look Photography can definitely help you out, check out our mentoring options via this link!

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Want to Learn More?!

Fresh Look Photography has been helping people in their photography journey since 2010, and we would LOVE to give you a hand! Whether it’s learning more about the settings on your camera, or figuring out the business side of things, our { Education } section is the place for you to get more information. Or, I’d love to have you pick up the phone and give me a call at 757-749-5350 so I can customize something specifically for you 🙂


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