Adding a baby to the family means a lot of new things. Sleepless nights, a change in your priorities, mountains of laundry (how do babies go through so many outfits?!) and having to ask for a table for three (no more cute little booth for two).

It also changes the flow of everyday life.

When your sailor is on deployment, Brittany realized that it’s a completely different ball game… especially when you have a little guy to take care of.


table for threefamily of three mother and baby sweet little baby playing with daddy

Table for Three

Here’s a little bit about their sweet little family from Brittany:

My husband and I actually met on a blind date in Texas where he was station. I was there with my parents and attending school.

I come from a long family of military with my dad still serving in the Navy, so Jon was the perfect fit into our crazy family!

October marks being together 4 years, and will have been married for  2 years.

Our son Kaiden was born in September 2014 – he is our miracle baby.

We were told at 7 weeks that I would miscarry and that I should consider getting a DnC (which we refused).

Here we are, a year later, we have a beautiful little boy who has the biggest personality.

As far as careers go, Jon’s been in the Navy about 5 years now and I have a bachelor’s degree in counseling and will start a masters program in the spring.


Jon and Brittany, thank you so much for allowing me to create some beautiful images to capture this special time in your lives!

I hope that you two treasure each moment with that little man, and are able to enjoy all the craziness that the Navy throws your way!


couple in love Fresh Look Photography

Eeekkk, I am in LOVE with how the light was so perfectcouples photos in the woods

Lake Lawson photo shoot

Look at those gorgeous peepers that Kaiden has!!!Fresh Look Photography 1 year old photo shoot family of three couples photos on the lake kissing on the dock

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