If you’re like most photographers, you are winding down your yearly business tasks and getting ready to wrap up 2017. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones and are already finished for 2017. (I’m jealous!) Regardless of where you are, today we’re chatting about how you need to accomplish these tasks during off season. That way you can have a kick awesome start to the new year!

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Accomplish These Tasks During Off Season

Here are some common things that generally get pushed to the end of the year you can start with:

1. Create an educational guide for new clients.

     ~ For me, my Bridal Guide is going to happen!

2. Get all mileage recorded from the past 12 MONTHS.

     ~  If this sounds intimidating to you, maybe start the new year by trying out a mileage logging app!

3. Get all 2017 receipts together for my CPA.

    ~  Saves so much headache when it comes time to file taxes!

4. Go through all galleries and collect a new portfolio of images.

     ~ You’ve got so many pretty pictures from this year, go back and pick a few favorites!

5. Take those images and update website/social media.

     ~ Nothing like giving your website a facelift.

6. Re-structure pricing presentation / raise prices.

     ~ This is always scary, we’re worried that no one will ever book us again at the new price! But I guarantee, you’ll get more clients and still be awesome!

7. Catch up on the last three months of editing.

     ~ Or maybe that’s just me 🙂

8. Make a new sample album.

     ~ Now is the time to create a gorgeous new album to show clients and encourage post-session sales.

9. Create a better system for emailing in 2018.

     ~ Having canned email responses will really help with that goal!

10. Learn how to shoot in Kelvin, improve off-camera flash, or master a new editing program/technique.

     ~ I am going to take some time and work on my family posing ideas/techniques.

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Feel Intimidated Yet?

Don’t be!

Want a foolproof way to ensure you accomplish these tasks during off season?

Break everything down into manageable chunks!

Looking at the list above, there’s no way I could tackle everything at once – so why even bother?!

But if I schedule one thing per week (in my calendar), I am much more likely to commit and make it happen.

Be Realistic About What You Can Do

Don’t put on the calendar – go through wedding portfolio and select images for website.

(I mean, how many thousands of wedding images would you have to go through?!)

Instead, make your goal to go through the first 1/2 of your wedding images (or 1/4 of your images) so that it’s doable.

If you are still feeling overwhelmed – why not outsource some of these tasks? (especially the ones that you dread doing!)

Personally, I don’t care for designing albums, so I outsource that part of my business and just build the cost into my pricing.

It has been AMAZING!

In 2018, I am planning on outsourcing my wedding editing so I can do even more with my business!

Are you going to accomplish these tasks during off season? 

One of them?

All of them?!

Drop a comment below and let us know what your focus is for the coming year. We’d love to see what you are up to and offer you some encouragement! We offer one on one mentoring, and put together free events for photographers. You can always { Contact Us } for anything you need – even if it’s just a friendly face to say you’re on the right track!