Even though it was cold and windy as anything, this cozy beach couples session was perfect. All I could think was that Amanda and Jayson remind us how wonderful it is to be with the other half of your heart!

Guys, thank you for having me this cozy beach couples session for you. It was truly a joy to be able to hang out with you, and get to know your love story. I wish you nothing but JOY in the future… all 63 more years you have together 🙂



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Cozy Beach Couples Session

I moved to Williamsburg in 2015 with my youngest 2 children because of a job transfer.  I worked crazy hours. There was no type of social life outside of my family and work, but I was ok with that.  I had been a single mom for a long time, and was used to it being that way.  I didn’t really want to date anyone, but I did miss having someone to share life’s moments with.  My kids kept telling me that I needed to start dating, and I finally got to the point where I wasn’t fighting the idea.

I knew I’d never meet someone with my crazy schedule, so I turned to online dating.  I found Jayson.  As soon as I saw him, I knew I had to reach out to him.  He was handsome, and a single dad. He lived close by, and we had enough things in common to make things interesting.  His profile stated that he was just looking for someone to talk to and that sounded perfect for me. That gave me the chance to possibly have someone to share things with, yet I didn’t have to worry about the weight of a relationship that I didn’t think I was ready for.  It felt “safe.”
I sent him an email and held my breath.  I was surprised at how much I wanted him to respond!
I was even more surprised at how excited I was when he did.

We emailed a little bit, then started texting back and forth. We even had a 7 hour phone conversation that was unbelievable.  We both HATE talking on the phone.  But that night, those 7 hours flew by like it was nothing.  We made plans to go out to dinner after that.

We had our first date on August 27th.  The moment I laid eyes on him, I already felt like I had known him forever.  We had such a great time and the last thing I wanted was that evening to end.  I guess he felt the same way because after dinner, we walked around and hung out talking by our vehicles and didn’t realize how much time had passed until the security guard was kicking us out after 2am.  I couldn’t wait to see him again.  Two nights later, we met up again.  I came down to Virginia Beach to his place and we went out to dinner and hung out.  My birthday was the next day and at midnight, he wished me a happy birthday and asked me if I wanted to go to the beach.  So, we took off to Sandbridge and walked along the edge of the water under the Super Moon.  It was one of the most incredible nights of my life.  As we walked and talked, he pointed out one of his favorite beach houses.  I was feeling all happy and carefree and in awe of the whole evening so far so in my dreamy-like state, I said, “Ok, perfect.  You can live in that one, and I’ll live in the one next door and we can walk on the beach at night anytime we want to.”  He laughed and said, “What?  You don’t want to live with me?”  I laughed too and we kept walking, but his words hit me hard.  He was joking, and didn’t mean them to be anything other than that, but that’s the exact moment I knew that I was already in love with him.  I stopped and looked up at him and said, “Yes.  Yes, I do want to live with you someday.”  He kissed me and that was just it for me.

From that moment, I knew that my heart belonged to him.  We’ve been through so much in two years, from hospitalizations and health issues to moving in together, to family issues, to heartache, to becoming grandparents together, to a couple rounds with cancer, that it seems impossible it’s only been two years.  He’s been right there with me holding my hand through every single bit of it.  I tease him all the time that my grandparents had the greatest love story of all time and they were married for 65 years before they passed away.  So, he owes me 63 more years.  We might have found each other a little later in life, but that’s ok.  He’s here now and there’s no one else I’d rather have by my side.



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