Today’s post is a bit more personal, and I hope you’ll indulge me as I share 10 things that changed my life, from how I do business to some new bedroom habits! I got inspired by a recent blog post by Danielle LaPorte (who delivers white hot truth + sermons on life) in her blogs and newsletters, and wanted to write my own list. Not only so other people can get a little glimpse of my life, but even more than that to remind myself that things will always get better.

10 things that changed my life1o Things That Changed My Life

  1. I choose joy. Because happiness is fleeting but joy is always a choice.
  2. Eat more fresh fruits and veggies, it really makes you feel better!
  3. Made my bedroom my bedroom, and made my office space my office space.
  4. Saying no to the things I don’t actually want to do, so I can say YES to the things that I do.
  5. Hanging artwork on the walls of my home that makes me happy and inspires me (including my own photography!)
  6. Even though I’m a control freak, everything doesn’t need to be exactly how I would do it.
  7. Put up boundaries – if we don’t have a wedding to photograph on the weekend, it’s family time = no work!
  8. No computers after 9 o’clock – gives us dedicated time to kick back and relax with each other.
  9. Realized that life is short, it’s okay to eat ice cream at 10 o’clock at night, snuggled in bed, and watch Netflix.
  10. Less really is more – the older I get the better I feel with less stuff.

Even though these are small things, they really have made a difference in my everyday life! And my challenge to you would be this: what is one small change you can make in your life right meow that will be for the better?!