with all the love you haveWhen it comes to your family, you love them with all the love you have. Not because they earned it, or because they necessarily deserve it, but because you can’t help but do anything other than love them! The Bass family was so sweet, and you can’t help but fall in love with them! Dad is a sailor in the Navy, mom is glowing and pregnant with their second little one, and Michael, the baby, is just as cute as can be! military family family of three navy dad and son

Michaels face in these pictures was priceless, this kid has some great expressions!
military couple with all the love you have

With All the Love You Have

Being a military wife, Maria has learned to adapt to the constantly changing schedule of her husband’s career. Anyone who has a loved one in the service knows that nothing is final and things can always change, so accepting everything that’s happening with grace and a smile is something that every military spouse learns to do. And when you’ve got a little one already (and another one on the way!), you learn very quickly that you can’t do it alone and it’s super important to have people to lean on during the rough times like deployments. Fresh Look Photography with all the love you have orange and yellow leaves family of three fall family photos


Maria and Cody, I hope that you two have a wonderful holiday season. I know it’s going to be stressful with moving and getting ready to say goodbye to half of your heart, but I know that your relationship will be all the stronger for having gone through this deployment and the love you have for each other will only grow from here. laughing with mommy laughing with daddy gorgeous pregnant mother

Seriously Maria, you are seriously the most stunning pregnant momma I’ve had the pleasure of photographing!!!