Any day is a good day for the beach, even if it’s a windy Sandbridge beach photos kind of day.

And when we talk about the fact that it was windy… girl!

It was flippin WINDY!

But that didn’t stop us from laughing, playing on the beach, and having an awesome time.

Get to know more about this sweet family in today’s blog.


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Windy Sandbridge Beach Photos

Anne and Bill Hosie were high school sweethearts, and married on June 22 thirty-five years ago.
Their anniversary is what brought us to the beautiful town of Sandbridge, Va.
My parents grew up on Long Island and my mom (more than my dad) absolutely loves the ocean.
I (Heather) am the eldest of three kids, and married to Frank Galli, who my dad will tell you is his favorite son in law…. get it? Frank is the only son in law… gotta love those dad jokes! And the resident dog of the family, Sterling. He was a rescue and has been with us now for five years.
Second is Mark, his wife Amanda, and daughters Paisley and Piper. As you can see, the girls bring a lot of joy to the family!
Third is Kevin, who is dating a lovely girl but due to medical school obligations (smarty pants!) was unable to attend.
The three of us (along with our nana) came together and gave our parents an “all expenses” paid beach family vacation.
We hadn’t been on a family vacation in many years and figured – What better reason to go to the beach together than to celebrate!
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