For military spouses, there are so many difficult things about waiting during deployment. Waiting for the kids to go to bed, waiting for something (inevitably) break, and waiting for your spouse to come back home. I’d venture to say that the last one is the most important!

DeShauna and her kiddos made the wait a little more bearable by taking some photos to send to daddy. It will especially perk him up since he has to be gone during the holiday. So hopefully these cute pictures will make his season a little brighter!

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Waiting During Deployment

My husband and I are both from Arkansas, where we met in college. He was a sophomore and I was a junior. Currently, he’s serving in the United States Navy and I am a stay at home mom to our two wonderful boys. There is so much time spent apart, so when we are together it’s very special. We love going to the movies, the park, and on weekend getaways. We also enjoy spending time at home grilling and watching sports.

I love thrifting and finding awesome deals. I could walk around a thrift store for hours :-). I also volunteer during the week at my oldest son’s school where I’m apart of the PTA, so that keeps me pretty busy.
Reggie is an avid Jordan collector! He definitely has more shoes than me LOL. He has shoes from college that still look brand new. He also makes the best spaghetti and crab legs. Yummy!
Our five year old, Rylan is our heart and definitely a mommy’s boy. He’s a ball of energy and absolutely loves playing basketball. He became a big brother in February and has taken that role on like a champ. Rylan has the same initials and middle name as his daddy.
Our baby boy, Dylan is 10 months old and has brought our little family so much joy. He is crawling all over the place and getting into everything. Dylan’s middle name is the first part of my name.
A perfect Saturday for us would consist of sleeping in, but that’s kind of impossible with a five year old and a 10 month old. Although, it would be nice I wouldn’t have it any other way. On Saturdays, we like to have family time and catch a movie, go out to eat, and take Rylan to the bounce house or Chuck E. Cheese.
We also really love going to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. If it was up to Rylan and I, we could go every weekend. He loves overnight road trips because that means lots of pool time.
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Love What You See? Want to Have Your Own Session?!

If you’ve finished looking at this family session done while they were waiting during deployment and are thinking to yourself – I wanna do that too! Awesome!!! We would LOVE to create a custom photo session for you and the ones you love! Feel free to message me by hitting the { CONTACT ME } button or by giving me a call at 757-749-5350. I can’t wait to create some magic for you!