USS Bataan Pierside HomecomingMilitary families give up so much in service for our country: holidays spent apart, missing important anniversaries and birthdays, some even missing the birth of their children. But they do it willingly because it is for the greater good. That’s what I loved photographing for the USS Bataan pierside homecoming, there is so much joy and happiness when these families are reunited with the one that they love! welcome home daddy

This little princess was so incredibly ready to have her daddy home, and her little outfit definitely stole the show!mother and daughter military homecoming USS Bataan pierside homecoming

It’s always SO exciting to catch that first glimpse of daddy when he’s up on the ship!military siblings

USS Bataan Pierside Homecoming

The last time I saw the Richtberg family, it was right after an unexpected blizzard that happened in the beginning of this year (check out the pictures {HERE} ), so it was lovely to not only be able to photograph this beautiful family again, but to be able to do it with temperatures at a more reasonable temperature 🙂 going to get daddy

It always amazes me the self control that military wives exercise, I know that all they want to do when they’re walking up the pier is break into a run and go claim their husband back!walking onto the ship Military homecoming USS Bataan Pierside homecoming Operation Love Reunited

The longer the wait, the sweeter the kiss!together at last

Richtberg family, thank you so much for letting me come and photograph such a special time in your lives! I loved getting spend time with you all and am SO HAPPY that your little family is complete once again!