Town Center Virginia Beach couples session is something that I don’t have a lot of.

Sure, I’ve done sessions in Town Center (quite a few, actually).

But getting to work with Robyn and Chris was exciting because we spent time wandering around and having fun.

We laughed, took in the sights, and captured the love they have for each other.

Get to know a little more about these two lovebirds in today’s blog!


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Town Center Virginia Beach Couples Session

How did you meet?

Chris and I first “met” almost 2 years before we even got together when my best friend and I were hanging out during a sleepover.

It was the end of Freshman year and we wanted to mess with someone so we pranked texted a guy she knew from my phone.

The prank text later turned into a conversation for a few days before stopping.

At this point all I knew was that his name was Christopher, he lived in Virginia while I was in Texas, and he was pretty cool.

I never expected to talk to him again, but I do remember thinking he would be the type of guy I’d like get to know…

Almost two years later during Junior year, my best friend invited me to play an online video game with her on the computer. I ended up enjoying it so she then introduced me to her online friend group.

It was at this point that I met Chris, again, though it took me a while to realise who he was.

We ended up playing together, and small talk slowly turned to confining in each other.

Both of us were going through some tough “teenagers-in-high-school” times and ended up becoming very close.

The two of us simply loved talking to each other.

Then one day, while hanging out on a skype call, he asked me if I’d like to try long distance.

I was surprised but agreed. At that point, neither one of us expected it to last, seeing it more as a test or for fun.

However, five years later we still love doing everything together.


What Was Your First Date Like

Our first online date we stayed up on a skype call watching movies till we both eventually fell asleep in the early morning.

But if you’re asking about our first real date, it was actually with our parents!

Chris and his mom flew to Texas (where I was at the time) to visit my family and I during our senior year.

We ended up going on lunch date with them at a local favorite spot. Then Chris and I did decide after to go visit the to the aquarium where we feed a bunch of fish together.

We spent the week he was visiting doing all we could together, which did include the parents at times.


Favorite Couple Thing

People always expect our “thing” to be playing games due to how we meet, but we don’t actually play the same things.

Instead we enjoy getting out of the house together.

We have made a point to visit an aquarium or zoo anytime we travel somewhere.

If there’s not one nearby then we usually find ourselves at mini golf playing to see who’s buying dinner.

If were staying in, it’s usually watching a show or movie while cooking up a crazy recipe in the kitchen (pizza pie anyone?!).


One Word You Would Use to Describe Your Relationship

Goofy. Defiantly goofy.

We both just love being silly and laughing with (and at) each other at every corner.

Often being silly to the point where we have to pause to question if were really just weird.

Most days are embraced with child like enjoyment.   


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